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Wool Hoodie - Marble

Wool Hoodie - Marble

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The material is a mottled wool fabric in grey/brown .
Inspired by its colorful predecessors, it is unisex.

It has a narrow hem, two side pockets, a zipped belly pocket under the flap and a reinforced button row.
We are very proud of a soft hemp lining .

It's so incredibly comfortable and cuddly, you don't even want to take it off!

  • Material: 95% wool (kbt), 5% viscose, lining: 100% hemp
  • Two side pockets & one secret zip pocket
  • Sizes XS - XXXL
  • Handmade with love, therefore only available in small collections.

Please note that color representations may vary depending on screen settings.

What bothered us about its "colorful predecessors" was that the width increased exponentially with the size.
That is not the case here, we even made sure that it is a little longer so that it also fits tall men.

To be on the safe side, here are all the dimensions:

XS :
Length: 68cm
Shoulder to shoulder seam: 42
Width (single): 46 cm
Lower arm length: 52 cm

Length: 72cm
Shoulder to shoulder seam: 46 cm
Width (single): 50 cm
Lower arm length: 55 cm

Length: 76cm
Shoulder to shoulder seam: 50 cm
Width (single): 54 cm
Lower arm length: 58 cm

Length: 80cm
Shoulder to shoulder seam: 54 cm
Width (single): 58 cm
Lower arm length: 62 cm

Length: 80cm
Shoulder to shoulder seam: 58 cm
Width (single): 62 cm
Lower arm length: 66 cm

Length: 84cm
Shoulder to shoulder seam: 62 cm
Width (single): 66 cm
Lower arm length: 68 cm

Length: 86cm
Shoulder to shoulder seam: 66 cm
Width (single): 70 cm
Lower arm length: 70 cm

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