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Reusable ceramic filter tips

Reusable ceramic filter tips

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Ceramic filters are environmentally friendlyreusable and easy to transport anywhere with its own storage capsule.
All filters are made of heat-resistant ceramicwhich cools the smoke considerably.
The Cooling down of the smoke makes every puff a pleasant pleasure!
The ceramic also filters considerably better than paper, since the combustion substances at the rough instick to the inside and thus the lungs are relieved of a little of the dangerous waste materials.

So forget about the stressful search for the right box or the taste of paper and bleach! 


  • Scope of delivery: 1 ceramic filter + 1 pipe cleaner + 1 storage capsule
  • Approx. 5-7 cm in length and 6-9 mm in diameter
  • with wishes regarding the diameter / design please ask
  • also called screw-in filter or joint filter
  • handmade by Filter-It


Please note that the colors may vary depending on the screen settings.

Our cleaning tips:

The filter tips are best cleaned immediately after use with the pipe cleaner supplied.
However, this is also possible with a reusable hose brush made of wire with bristles, which can be cleaned by boiling just like the filters.
Then you get it visually nice and clean.

Of course, they disappeared over time, depending on how much tobacco you used.
If the smells are too strong or smudges, you can put the filters in isopropyl alcohol or boil them in a little milk with water (1 to 1) / organic rinse / citric acid with water.
If necessary, as mentioned, the hose brush at the same time as 😉
Then rinse briefly with water and maybe go through again with a cloth / bottle brush / other.
Basically, however, this is not necessary, as they are odorless and tasteless after soaking / boiling and rinsing.

It is best to let it dry completely before using it again.

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