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MTO: Skirt Basic in black

MTO: Skirt Basic in black

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Connoisseurs of bamboo textiles attest that the fiber has the shine of silk and the softness of cashmere, which I can only confirm!
Bamboo clothing is comfortable, very breathable, moisture-wicking, very quick-drying and heat-regulating. Warm in winter, feels wonderfully cool on the skin in summer!

The skirt itself is a nice basic piece that is slightly longer at the back than at the front.
The waistband is reinforced at the top with a thin elastic band made of hemp so that it does not slip or become loose.

-Material: 95% viscose bamboo, 5% elastane
-Production time 2-7 days
-Handmade with love
-Color: Black

Bamboo is sustainable, that's for sure, because: Bamboo grows extremely quickly (up to one meter per day), the plant does not die when harvested but continues to grow and bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than conventional trees.

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