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Wool felt Merino - 55€/meter

Wool felt Merino - 55€/meter

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This beautiful Merino felt is incredibly soft, absolutely scratch-free and is ideal for sweaters, cardigans, knitted dresses, skirts, accessories and children's clothing.
Made in a small Italian knitting factory.
Larger quantities are always cut in one piece

  • Scope of delivery: 50cm
  • Material: 100% Merino wool
  • Width: approx. 135 cm
  • Weight: approx. 260 g/m2
  • mulesing-free
  • Residual bounce 3-4%
  • The quantity can be adjusted in the shopping cart!

Cold wash or wool wash
Do not iron hot
Dryer application not possible
Merino sheep produce some of the best, highest quality wool. Merino sheep's wool is soft, very elastic and very curly - so it doesn't scratch. The fineness of the fiber makes Merino wool much more pleasant on the skin.

Top 10 properties of merino wool:
Scratch-free, extra-fine merino wool, micron value: 19 (the higher the micron value, the coarser the fiber. The lower, the finer. Extra-fine wool is between 19-21 microns, for comparison, cashmere has 17 microns):
-Odorless and antibacterial
-Warms in cold and cools in hot
-Natural UV protection up to 40+ factor
-Easy-care, dirt-repellent
-Flame retardant
-Stores moisture
-Biodegradable, sustainable

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