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Size 38 - Dress in leaf dream

Size 38 - Dress in leaf dream

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Prints with real leaves are always different, always exciting!
I have been working on this topic since 2020 and still have a lot to learn.
This is a very time-consuming technique and the result is not always successful.

Here I used a technique in which the color gradient is created by a negative cloth that has already been colored. Unfortunately, the leaf prints made of tannins, which react with the stain and whose ratio can vary depending on the plant/leaf/time, hardly came about in this experiment, despite the long cooking time.

Even though you can only see some leaf silhouettes if you look closely, I really like the overall impression of this dress.
It has been purchased second-hand in new condition, has been given new energy and is now ready to find its way into your wardrobes to begin its second life.

  • 100% cotton
  • Size M
  • Handmade with love
  • Colour: rosé, lilac, light green, olive

Please note that color representations may vary depending on screen settings.

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