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Cat Cave - Zipfel

Cat Cave - Zipfel

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Does your cat love to hide, crawl into boxes or caves?
Then we have the sweetest roof over their heads for you ^_^

This cave is made of 100% virgin wool (mulesing-free) and the dimensions can be found after the description.

The wool cave keeps you warm in the cold season, while it offers a cool retreat in hot weather.

Sheep's wool is naturally dirt-repellent and self-cleaning. To remove cat hair, simply put on a dishwashing glove and wipe it over the inside of the cat cave. If an accident does happen, they can be washed at up to 30 degrees using the wool wash program, but it is often enough to just clean the cave briefly with a sponge and soap.

  • Dimensions: D 33 / W 40 / H 40 cm / 60 cm with tip
  • 100% virgin wool
  • Museling-free
  • Handmade with love ❣️

More caves will follow soon ^_^ Kind regards,
Sandra and your Melavastra team

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