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MTO: Skirt made of soft merino knit

MTO: Skirt made of soft merino knit

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This beautiful merino knit is one of the most beautiful fabrics I have worked with in a long time! It is soft, absolutely scratch-free, made in an Italian knitting mill with wool from the Falkland Islands.
The noble color and special texture make it a wonderful all-rounder.
Whether for leisure time or to look chic at work, this skirt will definitely be your new favorite piece!

  • 100% wool (merino, mulesing-free)
  • Between two sizes? Feel free to choose the smaller one!
    The material is elastic! ;)
  • Production time: 2-5 working days

Cold wash or wool wash
Do not iron hot
Dryer application not possible
Jump: 3-4%
Merino sheep produce some of the best, highest quality wool. Merino sheep's wool is soft, very elastic and very curly - so it doesn't scratch. The fineness of the fiber makes Merino wool much more pleasant on the skin.

Top 10 properties of merino wool:

Scratch-free, extra-fine merino wool, micron value: 19 (the higher the micron value, the coarser the fiber. The lower, the finer. Extra-fine wool is between 19-21 microns, for comparison, cashmere has 17 microns):
-Odorless and antibacterial
-Warms in cold and cools in hot
-Natural UV protection up to 40+ factor
-Easy-care, dirt-repellent
-Flame retardant
-Stores moisture
-Biodegradable, sustainable

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