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Size 36-40 - Nettle fiber dress

Size 36-40 - Nettle fiber dress

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The journey of this wonderful dress began in the wild forests of the Himalayas.

These unique products are made from nettle plants that are up to 3 meters tall.

The nettles are peeled to extract the kernel, braised with ashes overnight, the fibres pulled apart and beaten on rocks, rubbed with clay (to remove any leftover bark), spun and finally woven, knitted or crocheted.

This is how wonderful fabrics, dresses, scarves and jackets are created, which we have decided to include in our range.

Nettles double their growth fourfold after harvest, require no fertilizers or pesticides and have been used as a source of fiber for centuries.

  • Dress (SL)
  • can be colored as desired if required
  • 100% nettle
  • mined and woven in the Himalayas
  • further processed in Germany

Please keep an eye on our page, there will be more colors and cuts that we will publish first on our Facebook page.

We also gladly accept orders 😉 /

The dresses are very flexible due to their crocheted structure and fit incredibly comfortably to the body shape, so they usually fit from SL.
In the following mention I will nevertheless give an estimate of the size.
(The model is 1.70 tall and normally wears ML 😉)

Even though we have put a lot of effort into editing the photos, the color representations may still vary depending on the screen settings 😊
In addition, it is a hand-crafted natural product, which means that slight color differences within the weave are noticeable!
We ask you to take this into consideration.

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