Reusable glass filter tips
Reusable glass filter tips

Reusable glass filter tips

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Screw-in filter made of sturdy Borosilicate glass - handmade by Glaskosmos, the glass blower we trust.
Here is a little insight into the advantages of a glass filter:

These glass filters are off heat resistantem borosilicate glass and annealed to it with a certain process stablehe to make.
Thanks to their smooth surface, Remove dirt very well, the cleaning tips can be found a little further down in the text!
  • Length 3-4 cm
  • Diameter 5mm
  • Scope of delivery: 1 well packaged glass filter tip
  • handmade by Glaskosmos

Please note that the colors may vary depending on the screen settings.

Our cleaning tips:

The best way to clean the glass filters is to briefly clean them with a pipe cleaner immediately after use.

Of course, they disappeared over time, depending on how much tobacco you used.
If the smells are too strong or dirty, you can put the filters in isopropyl alcohol or boil them in a little milk & water (mixed 1 to 1).
Then rinse briefly with water and maybe go through again with a cloth / other.
Basically, however, this is not necessary, as they are odorless and tasteless after soaking / boiling and rinsing.